Cartoon resurrects old racial stereotypes

It has been a couple years since we have seen such a blatant example of racism. There is always that hidden racism, which some people say is the worst.

With Barack Obama, a black man running for president, the racist attitude that held black people down for hundreds of years is bound to show up.

Recently, the Tallahassee Democrat ran an article about a product bearing an illustration of Barack Obama as its trademark. On the waffle mix box was a picture of the presidential candidate.

The article said the waffle mix box showcased a picture of Obama wearing an Arab headdress on the opening of the box. The brand name for the product was “Obama Waffles.”

The creators of the box, Mark Whitlock and Bob DeMass, said the box was meant to be a political spoof. But it’s beyond that. Many people will be offended when they look at the picture.

At first glance, the image may remind them of old caricatures such as Aunt Jemima, Pickaninny and Sambo.

It may not seem awful to some people, but because he is of African descent, it is blatantly rude. It is clear that the authors are making fun of his heritage. A spoof of John McCain was never mentioned in the article, so this is unfair.

This box was a horrible joke. It makes you question whether America is really ready for a black president.

The “Obama Waffles” is a reminder of the old days of Jim Crow. During a campaign with such historical significance, you have to wonder when America will look at everyone equally?

Earlena Boswell for the Editorial Board.