Drivers scramble as gas increases

Once again gas prices skyrocketed, causing locals to nearly lose their minds – or more accurately, their money.

Gas prices weren’t exactly cheap to begin with.

However, just when the prices were beginning to finally drop, Hurricane Ike decided to strike. Friday was sheer pandemonium, as people pulled their gas guzzling vehicles into the nearest gas stations to fill up.

Thanks to the latest natural disaster, oil refineries in Texas have shut down causing the prices to go up. Many Tallahassee citizens jumped at the chance to fill up on gas before the city was affected.

While the prices of some local gas stations didn’t go up, other stations saw their prices pass the four-dollar mark.

With everyone fighting for gas on Friday, most stations in the city are completely out of fuel. This may prompt some individuals to wonder whether or not Florida’s supply of gasoline is less than extensive.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, Attorney General Bill McCollum said there isn’t a reason for anyone to be alarmed in Leon County.

“Consequently, in that town, there are stations literally out of gas and there’s no reason for that. There is not an actual gasoline shortage in our state. There’s no reason for anybody to panic,” McCollum said.

Whatever the case, gas prices certainly aren’t going down. Let’s just hope that Hurricane Ike fades away soon or else we’ll be ‘river deep and mountain high’ in bankruptcy.

Jay Christie for the Editorial Board