Middle Eastern trip enlightens FAMU student

My recent journey to Israel proved to be life changing and extremely profound. I have returned to the United States with a renewed passion to be an advocate for change and an instrument for activism in the Pro- Israel Movement.

As astonishing as it may seem, the people in Israel live similarly to us, but are threatened by brutal violence every single day.

Some may ask what did they do to receive such harsh treatment. The truth is that they were simply born.

America is a part of one of Isreal’s most critical moments in history.

While war is rampant and elections become increasingly intriguing, people everywhere have become actively engaged more than ever before.

A vast amount of issues are being acknowledged and citizens are exploring creative ways to get engaged in the political process.

Whether you are a young college student here in Tallahassee or a striving professional in the capital city, more and more people are becoming alert and ready to take action.

Not only are they fired up and ready to go, but they are also becoming aware of issues that transcend the United States of America.

One issue in particular is the Middle Eastern Conflict.

Not only are the two presidential candidates addressing the plight of Israel, but at the forefront of this issue are young college students who have changed the face of the movement and redefined activism from marches and picket signs to lobbying members of congress and actually visiting the Holy Land itself.

This was more than just a trip; it was one of the most defining moments of my life.

Through AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, I have internalized their number one creed, which emphasizes the power of one.

Israel is by far America’s most reliable ally in the Middle East.

The hard work of these committed individuals insures that this relationship remains strong and effective.

AIPAC is a 100,000 member national grassroots movement that works to maintain and strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship. Among these advocates are groups like the FAMU Friends of Israel who work diligently to expand the movement to the college campus. In addition, AIPAC promotes strategic cooperation between the two nations, which is evident when they work together on Anti- Terrorist policies, share homeland security techniques and help stop nations such as Iran from acquiring methods of mass destruction that threaten the international community.

Of course, family and friends immediately grew overly concerned once they found out that I would be traveling to the same place that is shown on CNN being bombarded with violent attacks.

However, I didn’t allow fear to distract me from the goal and my purpose for visiting.

My peace came from knowing that I was traveling through some of the exact places where Jesus Christ himself walked.

My mission trip to Israel lasted for a total of ten culturally and politically enriching days that were filled with extensive traveling and enlightening education.

During this experience, I had the opportunity to interact with some of the nation’s brightest college students and discuss the deep plight of the Jewish state.

Although these students represented different ethnic backgrounds and political affiliations, we all could closely identify with the struggles of Israel and commit our lives to their betterment and overall stability.

I am delighted that I was able to embark on this journey.

As an African American, I am a testament that the face of the pro- Israel movement is extremely diverse and surpasses race or ethnic background.