Magic Johnson brings eatery to campus

One of Florida A&M University’s favorite student-dining spots has teamed up with Magic Johnson for original dining vendor, Subconnection Magic.

The location, formerly known as the Orange Room, will have two new eateries built on the foundation set by the Orange Room. “The Grill 155 will have an expanded menu from what was previously in the orange room,” said Terry Woodward, general manager of University Dining.

Woodward said Sodexo, FAMU’s dining provider and leader in food facilities and management services, has a lot of changes in store.

Along with the expanded menu, SubConnection Magic will be a partnership between NBA legend turned entrepreneur, Johnson and FAMU.

“FAMU has been selected as the first university to partner with Magic Johnson on this new concept,” Woodard said. “Mr. Johnson is very excited about the partnership and looks forward to being a part of its grand opening.”

Denise Williams, a fourth-year physical therapy student from Jacksonville is excited about the new dining experience. ” I would rather grab something to eat from the orange room than driveoff campus; gas is still expensive” said Williams. “I can even sit in there between classes.”

With a $900,000 price tag, the new dining area is expected to have new features and additional seating. The new orange room will be equipped with flat screens TVs for students’ enjoyment, longer operating services and excellent customer service, according to Terry Woodward.

Anitra Dufresne, a senior health information management student from Ft. Lauderdale, said she thinks the new dining area is going to be the new campus hang out spot.

“Why would people want to sit in the sun or in the rain on The Set, when they could sit in the orange room with their friends, eat and beat the heat?” Dufresne asked.

With excitement buzzing Woodward said he hopes ” this location becomes the number one restaurant in the Sodexo and Magic partnership.”

The doors of the Orange Room have been closed since summer 2007, and are slated for a grand opening in January 2009.