Bush makes sense as troops might go home

President George Bush is finally considering troop withdrawal from Iraq.

Gen. David Petraeus has recommended that nearly 8,000 troops be removed because of Iraq’s increasing progress, according to CNN.com.

There are 146,000 U.S. troops in Iraq.

CNN.com reports that the president is expected to make the announcement this week and he might send some troops to Afghanistan after the removal of troops in Iraq.

If he is going to send troops to Afghanistan, then hopefully he doesn’t make the same mistake he made with Iraq. Bush needs to know the reason why he is sending these troops to Afghanistan.

Americans still do not know the main reason why we entered Iraq because of the many different reasons that we were given by the White House.

It is about time that the president has finally considered the removal of the troops after all of the people who have died in Iraq.

Now, the president wants to shift troops to Afghanistan, shouldn’t he have done this in the beginning of the war against terrorism?

Americans must be really pleased that Bush is getting out of office. It seemed like Bush’s entire term were a joke. He was playing with the American troops as if they were toy soldiers and the war in Iraq was a big game.

His announcement next week better be for the removal of troops in Iraq or Americans will be throwing a parade when he leaves office.

LaTasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.