Everybody should be watching Republicans

The Democratic National Convention proved to be successful not because of the celebrated speeches or the historic connotation. It flourished because of the communal solidarity that was shown by the party’s constituents.

While half the nation celebrated, the other half waited in the wings to have their own conservatively geared celebration-the politically reserved Republicans. Republican standards are considered dated, inflexible and some are considered too unadventurous to be enjoyed by the masses. Most presume the reasons for our slumping economy lie in the methods employed by Republicans.

Despite these assertions it should be noted that there are two sides to every political story. Republicans deserve to be heard just as much as the Democrats. Just as everyone gathered collectively to watch Barack Obama’s coronation at the DNC, we should all tune in to see why Republicans still hold a strong national presence.

Most Democrats dismiss Republicans as elitists, looking to foster national division based on wealth. Often black Republicans are dismissed as “sell outs” that have disassociated with ideals of the black community.

But those sweeping indictments are divisive. Making an effort to understand what the Republican Party stands for could holistically reinforce Democratic ideals. What better way to examine those ideas than to watch the convention this week?

Akeem Anderson for the Editorial Board.