Keep fashion up to date

I am an ’80s baby all the way. However, I’m not sure if bringing back the whole ’80s fad is a good idea. I consider myself pretty fashion forward and I do have a habit of throwing on a pair of leggings or some bamboo earrings. But you have to draw the line somewhere.

Jewelry from the ’80s can be cute as long as you don’t over do it. Is it really necessary for people to wear 10 inch, thick, gold rope chains? Not only does the chain look too large to be on anyone’s neck, but we all know it’s fake! So stop before your neck turns green. I have seen so many people rock the Cuban link and rope chains that I feel like I’m in a Big Daddy Kane music video.

I can remember my oldest sister’s pictures where she rocked super big colored hair. It was cute, back then. When and why did it become so popular for girls to wear different colors of the rainbow in their hair? All the purples, blues and hot pinks are really starting to get on my nerves! Not only does it look extremely ghetto but also a hot mess! How is a professor supposed to take you seriously when you walk around with flamboyant weaves? I thought the purpose of weaves were to blend in with your natural hair and look real.

But this word of advice isn’t just for the ladies. Some dudes may need to consider some of their throwback tendencies too. I may have missed the memo, but who said it was okay for guys to start wearing skyscraper fades again? Recently Pretty Ricky, a Miami-based hip-hop group, released a music video in which they wore ’80s gear. One group member even had a high top fade. Just because it’s Pretty Ricky- doesn’t mean it’s cool. That video looked pretty low budget anyway. It is not a green light for guys to try to bring back a trend that died a long time ago. This is 2008.

I’m not one to look down on anyone but there comes a time when we must use our better judgment before we decide to step out in public. If you are fashionable or enjoy setting trends, you can do so without making a fool of yourself. There are ways to look nice and trendy without people laughing at you.

It’s cool to embrace the ’80s but learn from the golden era’s shortcomings.

Brook England is a senior broadcast journalism student from Miami. She can be reached at