Eclectic Taste:

As a college student, between partying, studying and hanging out, there is hardly any time left for cooking. And if you happen to have the time, you probably don’t want to spend thirty minutes of it standing over a hot stove.

For those of us who can’t cook – the ones with Hungry Howie’s on speed dial – perhaps its time to leave the house for a more fun and healthy dining experience.

Fusion Café, located at 1225 North Monroe Street, is a small, eclectic restaurant tucked away from the hustle and bustle of dull, everyday life here in Tallahassee. Since it’s opening in 2002, the restaurant has introduced the city to a wide range of cultural foods and flavors including influences from the Mediterranean, South America and Asia. Here, diners can partake in everything from sushi to calamari to portabello fajitas in an atmosphere suitable for just about any occasion.

Fusion Café also offers a wonderfully warm ambiance. Due to the mature clientele and practically hidden location of the restaurant, there is hardly ever a waiting time for tables and there is never a problem with too much noise or rambunctious laughter from the couple two tables over. The dim lighting, linen table cloths, quaint corners and short proximity from Lake Ella afford the perfect space for a first date or quiet time for significant others. Group booths provide space for plenty of talk and laughter for those who work or simply want to relax with friends over drinks from the full bar. Martinis, Cosmopolitans and Mojitos (two-for-one) are crowd favorites.

So how much does all this fine dining cost? It’s no McDonald’s, but it isn’t Red Lobster either. Prices at Fusion Café range from $6.75 for an appetizer to almost $30.00 if you belong to the bourgeois or simply trying to impress your friends. However, the money spent is well worth it. Full portions are true to their name and may send you home with a full doggy bag to could hold you over for a couple nights.

For those of you who cannot afford that price tag, grab three or four of your friends and split the bill by participating in the restaurant’s famed Tapas-styled dining experience. Originating in Spain, Tapas-styled dining is a form of dining that favors group dining. Instead of large, individual portions, foods are served in smaller portions to be shared by the entire dinner party. This form of dining is meant to allow people to try (and mix) different foods and flavors as well as save money.

So, if you’re into trying new foods or you simply want a quiet place to relax, try Fusion Café. It’s worth it.