Local artist creates tunes for Obama

Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama may have a new song to march to during his as he ventures towards the oval office.

Local musician Cody ChesnuTT is using his talents to aid Sen. Obama’s campaign through music. The tune that began as a song ChesnuTT sung to his 5-year-old son at home, is now a fully-produced “unofficial” anthem for the democratic presidential candidate.

Chestnutt’s anthem titled “Afrobama” doesn’t sound like the typical election anthem. It possesses a vibe of African folk tunes with a twinge of rock reminiscent of the music during the 60s. The drums call out with urgency and the guitar rifts complement ChesnuTT’s voice as he vocalizes his desire to see Obama as a president.

“I wanted this song to cause us to go back to our roots, along with the experience with Obama,” ChesnuTT said “…and to just push our whole culture forward and with that we’ll push our nation forward.”

In “Afrobama” ChesnuTT sings:

“I believe a win in my lifetime/I believe upon yes we can/I believe a win in my lifetime/I believe…”

ChesnuTT said he hopes everyone is moved by the song’s message, which he said is a reflection, of what he believes, many American’s feel about the chance that Barack Obama could win the presidential election.

Obama stands for many things, Chestnett said.

“He represents a thorough education, a family man of course and the highest ideals of humanity itself,” ChesnuTT said. “I think he’s a huge agent for healing, not just for change, but for healing…as we’re starting to see now people are discussing race in a way we haven’t before.”

ChesnuTT is using the Internet to spread the anthem. It’s free, and he said ,just like the African saying “Each one, teach one,” he hopes that everyone passes “Afrobama” along. It’s important to ChesnuTT that the song is shared.

The anthem was produced at Soul Kitchen, a studio in McRae, Ga., and finished in Tallahassee.

Jaron Lawson, a guitarist on the song said that the song represents what many people in America are feeling.

“People are just tired of what’s going on in the world today,” Lawson said.

Terrance Darnell, the song’s engineer said everyone who worked on the song did it as a “labor of love.”

“For me it’s historic, listening to this brother and musicians who put it down,” Darnell said. “Just being a part of this process and seeing it all come together has been great for me.”

Anyone interested in hearing the song can soon find it on Cody ChesnuTT’s MySpace page or at http://www.soulbounce.com/soul/2008/06/?page=3

ChesnuTT said he’s thankful to be alive during this historical time in America. He’s also thankful that the youth have a national figure like Obama to look up to.

“We need new images, new language, new perspective a new world view and he represents all that to me,” he said.

ChesnuTT is a singer and guitarist, whose genre ranges from rock, Hip-Hop, and other categories. He is most notable work is his collaboration with the Hip-Hop group, The Roots on their single “The Seed (2.0).” ChesnuTT’s last album called “The Headphone Masterpiece” was released in 2003.