FAMU builds bridges with Nigerian University

The University of Abuja and Florida A&M University signed a memorandum of agreement Friday morning to broaden and further expand cultural boundaries between the two university.

At 9 a.m., a press conference was held on the fourth floor of Lee Hall to announce the relationship, which will allow FAMU students and faculty to study abroad. And will welcome students and faculty from University of Abuja to FAMU’s campus.

“This memorandum of agreement will help FAMU enhance international initiatives and expand global experiences,” said President James Ammons at the press conference Friday.

The collaboration will include the exchange of educational materials, joint research and development projects, the transfer of technology and other scholarly pursuits.

Professor Nuhu Yaqub, vice chancellor of the University of Abuja, said he was excited about this new found relationship at the conference. He said since the Nigerian recession, “it has been hard to attract faculty.” He said this venture will aid in his university’s progression.

The University of Abuja was established on January 1, 1988, as the first dual mode university in Nigeria, meaning it can run both conventional and distance learning programs.

Delegates from the University of Abuja have been in Tallahassee since Sunday, touring varies schools on FAMU’s campus.

The representatives from the University will be informally welcomed by the Nigerian union of North Florida at the FAMU faculty clubhouse Saturday evening, leaving town on Sunday.

The students and faculty members from each university have not been selected at this moment.