Applications decrease at media sales institute

The number of applicants to the Media Sales Institute at School of Journalism & Graphic Communication has dropped for the 2008 program. This year’s number of applicants is lower than the previous two years by 40 percent.

Deidre Williams, MSI program coordinator, and SJGC public relations coordinator is unsure of the reason for the decrease.

“We haven’t had as many students apply this year, as we did the first two years,” Williams said.

The MSI program is exclusively for graduating seniors, and recently graduated seniors.

Senior public relations student Nicolette Daniel says that she thinks that these stipulations play a part.

“It may not be that students don’t know about it,” Daniel said. “Or maybe it is just not an area of interest for some.”

Students who have applied will be apart of an intense ten-day training program for college seniors who are interested in careers in media sales. In addition, Williams said organizations that will present at this year’s MSI are to include Cumulus Broadcasting, The Katz Media Group, Arbitron and Comcast.

Some faculty members question the decrease.

Dr. Larae Donnellan, head of the PR sequence said, “It’s a shame. It’s a great opportunity. Students need to expand their horizons.” “Media sales could be a great way for them to achieve some of the goals they have for themselves.”

MSI allows for students who have an interest in media sales to receive first hand training from industry professionals.

At the end of the program some participants have been offered positions with companies. In 2007, five MSI graduates received immediate employment opportunities. In addition, all graduates received offers to interview with companies.