Byrd to retain Miss FAMU title

The Student Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Amanda Byrd will not be retroactively disqualified from her position as Miss FAMU.

One of her opponents in the election, Scarlett Williams, brought an appeal to the court claiming that Byrd should be disqualified because of her accumulation of point violations. The student statutes state that a candidate with more than 50 points is to be automatically disqualified.

In their verdict, justices said Byrd was not alone in her point violations and deemed it “unreasonable” to disqualify her alone.

They also wrote: “The Court cannot in justly (sic) disqualify one candidate for a violation of student statutes and not then retroactively disqualify every candidate that also violated the same statutes.”

No word yet on what will happen to the other candidates that exceeded their point limits.

The Famuan will continue to follow this story closely. Pick up Friday’s edition of The Famuan for more information on the Supreme Court trial.