Q&A with rapper Sonny Rich

Josh: How did you come up with the name “Sonny Rich?”

Sonny: “Well, I’ve always been black. So when I was little, I used to where my older brother’s gold chains when I was hanging out. And people used to say, “Hey, there go that bright boy.” Since then, I’ve picked up the name Sonny Rich.”

Josh: Where are you from?

Sonny: Charlotte, N.C.

Josh: How old are you?

Sonny: 25

Josh: When did you first start doing music?

Sonny: I’ve been doing music my whole life. The first time I was in the studio was March 2006.

Josh: Describe how you came into fame?

Sonny: I was in the military for four years and while I was there I met Trouble Style, a producer from St. Louis. So when I got out he wanted me to make some music, but I didn’t want to. He used to try and get me to do talent shows so I could display my talent. I’m more of a background dude. But after a while, he convinced me to do a mix tape with him.

Josh: What happened next?

Sonny: Kazier Sosay (Trouble Style) became my manager. He flew me out to Dallas with only one mix tape under my belt to record more songs in the studio for his record label Keeplock Entertainment. I eventually signed in August 2007.

Josh: What did you get with your advance?

Sonny: It’s kind of funny when people ask me that. I didn’t get an advance. Because the record company is new, Trouble Style said he would split the company with me 50/50.

Josh: What did your friends say?

Sonny: My friends were more excited that I signed and had the chance to make it big. They weren’t worried about the money.

Josh: What is the name of the album and when does it come out?

Sonny: The name of the album is The V.I.R.U.S. It’s an acronym for The Voice Inside Rebellious Urban Soldiers. The date is not confirmed as of yet. But it will be before you know it.

Josh: So what have you been doing to promote the album?

Sonny: I’ve been doing just that. I’ve been to L.A., Houston, Atlanta and Arkansas. This is actually my first time in Florida. And since I’ve been on the road my single “Stunners” has reach No.1 on the Billboard charts for independent video. And I was named artist of the month on BET.com. Records also show that the single receives 450 spins weekly nationally.

Josh: You have a video?

Sonny: Yea, man. It’s hot too.

Josh: It seems like you’ve done a lot already. What is next?

Sonny: Well I will be doing Summer Jam with T-Pain and Shorty Low in Little Rock, Toledo and Oklahoma City.

Josh: You are doing so much. What are you saving for later?

Sonny: I want to branch off and doing other things. I want to build a community center in the hood of N.C. I want to get the kids off the streets. I figure if I can occupy their time during the time they would be on the streets, then I could achieve a lot in the community.

To watch Sonny Rich’s new video “Stunners,” visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMSSWfO1pi8