Top 10 Rattler memories

With graduation approaching, it’s easy to think that soon-to-be Rattler alumni are anticipating the end of their time on “The Hill.” However, it’s hard to deny the 10 things many Rattlers may find themselves missing after leaving Florida A&M University.

10. President James Ammons and his positive changes to the University.

9. Taking part in a good cause while having fun during Relay For Life.

8. Doing the Rattler strike and all of the dances associated with FAMU Culture.

7. All of the singers, models and dancers that have passed through the stage at Lee Hall auditorium.

6. Many Rattlers had to leave their parents behind to attend FAMU, but now will leave behind the family they found in faculty.

5. Annual Greek parties

4. Political drama with the Student Government Association

3. Boots on the car from parking services

2. Soul Train and his snacks

1. Set Fridays

Compiled by Christine Thomasos