Sit-in stirs online readers

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ABSTRACT: Gallop Franklin and Dominick Ardis along with close to 30 other students conducted a sit-in at the president’s office in Florida A&M University’s Lee Hall on Tuesday afternoon. “What we’re asking for is a new election and an investigation,” said Ardis, 20, a junior health care management student from Tallahassee.

Rashaadposted 4/16/08 @ 12:46 PM EST I am extremely disappointed in the FAMU election process. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, because it does, and I do believe to a large extent that it’s the best it’s going to get. But, every year someone or some people are always contesting elections and election results. It’s the same thing year after year. For me, it’s gotten to the point where I don’t believe it’s about people chasing justice, or exercising their rights, as much as it is about individuals or organizations that refuse to accept the fact that they lost. There comes a time when your choice to exercise your rights is no longer about actual rights or justice, but instead poor sportsmanship and your refusal to accept the apparent and blatant will of the people. Gents and ladies drop the charades and find a more important calling in life. If you are going to let this get you down, just wait till you graduate and enter the workforce. It’s better to save your energy for those battles, not the popularity races of college elections!

Thoughtsposted 4/17/08 @ 5:29 PM EST As a FAMU alum I am not particularly surprised at the actions being taken by Franklin and Ardis. I’ve always known, as have many FAMU students and alum, that our school is full of passionate, intellectual and out-spoken individuals. Let me start by saying that there is nothing wrong with seeking justice where one feels an injustice occurred, However, I do feel there is such a thing as exhausting the possibilities to a point where it just looks ridiculous. I understand that Franklin and Ardis feel an injustice occurred, and took the correct action in their appeal. After the ruling was in favor of the Electoral Commission, it should have stopped there. There are so many other endeavors that could use such passionate support. Tutoring and mentoring students, volunteering in our local community, or even putting this much passion and determination towards Project Force are some of these. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, this year is one of the most devastating budget years for Florida. With the legislative session nearing an end, it’s not expected to get any better. So, that means serious cuts coming down the pipeline will be made which will result in a SERIOUS budget cut to our university and the loss of positions and jobs. We should be more concerned about how we are going to uphold the high standards of our university and students during this time period, as opposed to griping about who is SGA President and who isn’t.

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