Scarcity of hotels makes graduation bittersweet

With graduation approaching soon, Tallahassee will have to host several family and friends of those graduates. But where will they stay?

Every year Florida A&M University, Florida State University, and Tallahassee Community College have their commencement servicesduring the same weekend. This causes a problem for graduates and for their guests trying to make travel accommodations. As a soon to be graduate who’s from out-of-state, the chances of my family coming to my graduation are slim because of the lack of hotel space, two-night minimums and exorbitant prices. My family finally got a hotel at the DoubleTree for $289 a night, but had to stay for at leasttwo nights.

Also, they had to put down a deposit which was half of the total.

My personal opinion is that if the universities would coordinate their graduations for different weekends it would not only benefit the school, but also surrounding businesses and hotels.

During graduation weekend there are thousands of visitors that want to come andenjoy the festivities without hassle. Also, there would be a better control over the crowds, traffic, and other unexpected incidents that may occur as a result of Tallahassee being overcrowded.

Graduation is a time to celebrate and unfortunately it turns into a stressful time as a result of hotel booking problems. If possible I strongly feel that the universities and colleges should alternate and not share the same graduation weekend. I want to enjoy my last weekend in Tallahassee, but because there is no space for my family, I have no choice but toaccommodate.

Brandi Sally is a senior public relations student from South Carolina.