Q&A with Slim of 112

FAMUAN: Where is 112?

Slim: 112 is in Atlanta where I left them. (lol) Yes, we are still together. We still do shows. Matter fact we are doing a tour in Germany. Since I have my own label, something has to slow up, especially since we are all working on other projects.

FAMUAN: Are you going solo?

Slim: Yes, and the title of the album is “Love’s Crazy.” The first single is “So Fly” featuring Yung Joc.

FAMUAN: How was it working with Yung Joc?

Slim: Man, he’s a character. He is real fun and real talented. A visionary. We structured the song so people could relate it to a movie. I wanted it like a movie theme. In a good movie you never hit fast forward but you always hit rewind.

FAMUAN: When will the album be in stores?

Slim: Well, depending if the single does well on the radio, that will determine the time it comes out. If I could make a wish, the album would be released toward the end of the summer or beginning of fall.

FAMUAN: What brought you to FAMU?

Slim: I wanted the college students to know I have an album coming out and I’m trying to come back and perform at homecoming. I’m trying to bring other artists along to celebrate. It’s going to be like a big birthday party. FAMUAN: I read you have a new record label. Is that true?

Slim: Yes, it’s named M3 Production under Atlanta Asylum. I wanted to switch hats from artist to CEO. When you’re an artist it is like being in a box. Now I can dictate my situation.

FAMUAN: What kind of artists do you plan to have on your label?

Slim: I want to have artists that have passion for their music and the type of music that touches the soul in any situation.

FAMUAN: How does a Grammy under your belt set you apart from the rest?

Slim: It’s like throwing blood to the sharks. You receive more offers than you expect.After that, you’re never content. I always want more.

Compiled by Josh King.