New mall to open in 2010, county official says

To provide more dining options and retail services to residents living on the outskirts of Tallahassee, a new shopping plaza was proposed to be located at the intersection of Highway 90 and Interstate 10. 

Tentatively scheduled to open in 2010, the Colonial Pinnacle at Cross Creek, a multi-functional plaza, will consist of a 200-room hotel, several retail stores, restaurants, and stadium-style seating movie theatre.

Fred Goodrow, chief of comprehensive planning for the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department, said the residents in the surrounding area of I-10 and Highway 90 will have to wait for the regional shopping center to be approved for construction. 

“The shopping plaza was introduced for development in 2006 but because of the size of the development, the process is taking some time to complete,” Goodrow said. 

Zach Galloway, secretary of the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning and Zoning Department, said another reason the development process has slowed down is because of the declining economy. 

“The whole process for the new shopping plaza was processing at a fast rate, but now it has slowed down significantly because of the weak economy, but as of right now it is still scheduled to open in 2010,” Galloway said.

The state and local government must also approve the development of the proposed 1.2 million square feet plaza. 

Tallahassee Leon County Planning Department said if the commercial retail project does not get approved, it cannot be built.  “If the either the local or state government rejects it, then it cannot be built,” Goodrow said.

Goodrow said he is confident the project will be approved. 

Several stores have already committed to opening a store in the plaza.  J.C. Penney, Toys”R”Us, Babies “R” Us, Regal Theaters, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Circuit City are a few companies among the list that plan to open in The Pinnacle at Cross Creek plaza.                  

Tallahassee resident Carla Burke, who resides close to intersection of I-10 and Highway 90, said Tallahassee residents will benefit from the plaza.  

“I’m glad to hear that the development of a new shopping area is in effect because Tallahassee gives residents limited shopping outlets and on top of that, the stores that are here in the area aren’t in close traveling distance,” Burke said.

Colonial Properties will lead the development, as well as manage and lease the retail project.

“We look forward to the opportunity to bring an exceptional shopping venue with premium lifestyle features and one-of-a-kind retailers to the Tallahassee market,” said Kenneth Marshall, senior vice president of CPT, located in Tampa. “The location of this facility will serve the local area as well as surrounding districts 60 minutes within driving distance of Tallahassee.”