Juggling ledgers, texts

Seasoned business owners will readily admit that starting and maintaining a business is hard work. This is doubly trying for students who have to split their time between managing studies and their company’s bottom line.

James Jeffries started his own clothing line “Amore Kreite” in 2005. Jeffery said starting a business is a struggle.

“You start with no clientele. You have to build it up,” Jeffries said.

He said students do not have the time to put all the work needed into owning a business.

“School is set up to be a student. In order for you to set up a business, your mind has to be on business,” Jeffries said.

For Curtis Oliver, some of his struggles as a business owner differ.

Oliver, 24, a sophomore computer information science student from Palm Beach and owner of Think Big Computer and Consulting, LLC, a computer repair business, said receiving kickbacks from the business is difficult.

“The hardships are getting capital and dealing with customers,” Oliver said. “I have a lot of responsibility.”

He also struggles with balancing curricular responsibilities.

“Because of balancing time, at night, I have to work on computers and balance that with studying,” Oliver said.

Oliver said as a business owner, students cannot devote all of the time to their business that they wish they could.

Taking time off from school is also a major concern.

“A lot of times I have to travel and I have to miss school,” said Amir Windom, a 23-year-old public relations student from Atlanta, and owner of The Wind PR, a public relations firm.

He said time is also an issue for him.

“It affects me to a sense because I can’t give my business 100 percent. Sometimes I have meetings that I cant attend because I’m in class,” Windom said.

Sean Mitchell, 21, a junior finance student from Fort Lauderdale and owner of the Bridge Group, a trade stock company, said that owning a business has its share of advantages.

“The advantage (of owning a business) is that you’re getting your feet wet at an early age,” Mitchell said.

For Mitchell, however, owning his business comes with its share of disadvantages.

“You have to make sacrifices,” he said. “I’m learning to be a good multitasker. You can’t waste time. You have to make everything structured so it can fit, but it’s able.”