Election sit-in a little late, a little lackluster

Students are still trying to settle controversial situations that have occurred earlier this semester.

Students like Gallop Franklin and Dominick Ardis, along with 30 other, students conducted a sit-in Tuesday in the president’s office in Florida A&M University’s Lee Hall to ask for a new election and an investigation.

Even though it is good they are fighting for the justice they believe in, the sit-in still seems to be a waste of time.

Throughout the history of FAMU, there have been many students who have previously lost elections and fought for reelections because they feel they were not justified. The results all ended the same-no re-election.

Last year, John Williams who ran for Mr. FAMU, tried to appeal his case. The Student Supreme Court even delivered a verdict in favor for Williams, but there was no reelection.

Too much time passed to even put on another election, but it was forgotten.

What did Franklin and Ardis think they would accomplish hosting a sit-in at the end of the semester?

When the Student Government Association has the people it wants, it will not make many changes.

Over the years people involved in SGA have protested for causes they feel strongly about, so if they felt the election results for Franklin and Ardis were unfair, then they would have gone over and above to find a way to get another election.

Latasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.