Leave graduation parties to graduates

It’s finally here. Some of us worked while others played, but we’re all approaching the end of the semester.

It’s too late to withdraw from classes but never to late to hit your books. The only problem is, with graduation coming up people have other things on their minds.

Aside from homecoming, many of the best parties are promoted this time of the year. Some students can’t resist parties that promise endless drinks and relief from the stress that finals place upon them.

For the spring 2008 graduates, that’s not a problem. For the returning undergraduate classes, it may just be.

Every club in Tallahassee is preparing to throw graduation parties, but maybe graduating seniors need to be the only people preoccupied with attending. These people will be leaving to start new lives, while many students will be forced to come back to FAMU with the same bad grade point averages.

If you have been working hard all year, then this probably doesn’t apply to you. You should enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But some students haven’t been doing their best all semester, and they need this time to make sure they will pass their classes.

Tallahassee will have many more great parties to come. Trying to experience these festivities instead of ensuring your grades are intact is not the smartest decision.

Christine Thomasos for the Editorial Board.