Have some school pride

It was a normal morning and I was going through my ritual of reviewing class notes in my car before going to class. I looked up from my notes and saw a woman dropping a Doritos bag on the ground on the sidewalk in front of McGuin Hall.

I wondered whether or not she realized she dropped the bag or if she knew there was a garbage can less than 30 steps away.

As a matter of fact, there is at least one trash can in every classroom and more strategically placed all over campus so that students never have to go too far to throw something away.

Last week I went to my afternoon class in B.L. PerryRoom 308. There were fliers all over the desktops and floor, candy wrappers on the floor and balled up sheets of paper everywhere..

There were also two empty trash cans inside the classroom and one just outside of the classroom door!

What’s the point?

We have corporate recruiters, industry cluster members, lawmakers, parents, entire families and student groups visiting our campus daily. What kind of example is being set?

What kind of message is being sent? I vented my frustration about this to a few students who had the audacity to say if they cleaned up after themselves then our facilities team would be left with nothing to do!

Dr. Ammons and his leadership team are working diligently to raise the standards at FAMU. It shouldn’t be too much to ask of students to use good judgment and behave like we have some home training.