Celebs get no jail time

No one’s societal stature should impact the extent of his or her punishment. Some people don’t seem to understand celebrities are just people and need to face the same punishments an average citizen faces for the same crime.

Ideally, the imposition of justice is not affected by demographic characteristics such as race, social class and gender. But the way prominent figures are punished defies this notion.

This is where the phrase “blind justice” came from. The book “Justice is Blind” by Matthew B. Robinson said this phrase demonstrates the country’s dedication to treating all Americans with “fairness, equality, and in a manner that is right.”

People we consider to be celebrities should not get away with shorter jail sentences than normal people.

Since celebrity crimes are better publicized, the court system gives them a better chance of fighting their cases when it’s time for their sentencing.

These people are “role models” and should be judged as such. Every decision they make is influential.

It seems people are almost advertising drugs, DUIs and throwing phones at people. Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse, Naomi Campbell and Paris Hilton, are all prime examples of people who have to be responsible and cautious of their influence on others.

If we, as average hard-working Americans, had been arrested twice for DUI, one after being put on probation, we would not find ourselves with the privilege of having our “Mommy” drive us to prison.  We would have been arrested right after we showed up for court. 

If we decided to skip the trial, police would have appeared at our doorstep and placed handcuffs on our wrists to take us straight to jail.  There would be no pass go or collecting of $200.  We also would not have been released after just four days in jail because we were too upset to eat.

However, not all celebrities get an out of jail in two days card.

These people take their sentencing and learn from it. Rapper T.I pled guilty to his charges and has to do more than 1,000 hours of community service and serve 12 months in prison. Remy Ma could spend up to 25 years in prison for first-degree assault and other major charges.

People like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan with their re-occurring rehab moments are reasons why celebrities should be thoroughly punished. They know they have a young fan base, but these celebrities still take their careers for granted and set too many bad examples.

If they commit the crime, they should do the time and be careful about that image they are giving out to people who look up to them.