FAMU student puts personal twist on clothing line

Jabari Gayle is making a name for himself in the fashion industry and in Tallahassee with his clothing line Signature 3000 Watts. He designs and makes his own clothing for his clothing line while attending school full-time at Florida A&M University.

The Miami native has been designing and making clothes since middle school, when his mother gave him the motivation to go out and create something for himself.

“I used to stay at home a lot when I was younger, and my family was not financially stable so I designed and made clothes to occupy my time,” said Gayle 22, a senior agriculture business student.

He acknowledged that in the beginning things were rough for him, but his apartment manager gave him the book “The Giant Within” by Anthony Robbins to guide him on how to mange different circumstances and take control of his life.

“At the beginning it was rough but I learned how to manage my time wisely,” he said. “This at first was a hustle for me because the only one who was supporting me financially was my mom and, of course, financial aid.

Gayle advertises Signature 3000 Watts by wearing his own design on campus.

“It’s important that I wear my own clothes because the people need to know my brand,” he said. “I am a walking billboard.”

Although Gayle designs and makes all the clothing, he relies on the help of fellow Rattler Mark Masters, 19, a sophomore graphic communication student from Fort Lauderdale. They collaborate on ideas for designs.

“I would get an idea and mention it to Jabari and I would do my part, and he will just perfect it to make it better,” Masters said.

Moreover, Gayle custom designs clothes for customers if they do not find anything to suit their taste on his Web site. Gayle said he discovers what the person wants and brings it out in the designs.

“What I would do is meet up with the person and we would sit down and come up with a design that would be best for them,” he said.

Signature 3000 Watts focuses on personalization in its clothing. Each polo and tee stands out with creative designs and is customized with glitter and paint. The clothing line accommodates men and women.

Shayla Grazes 24, a senior business administration student from Fort Lauderdale, is a model for Gayle’s clothing line.

“Jabari is very detailed in everything that he does,” she said. “To him it is so personal. He adds a bit of hip-hop to the clothing for women but still making it girly.”

Grazes said students should support Gayle in his efforts to do something constructive with his time.

“It is important that FAMU students support him not just because he is a FAMU student, but because he is a black man that is doing something creative with his talents,” Grazes said.

Students can find Signature 3000 Watts in local Tallahassee retail stores such as Urban World and The Society. For more information on Signature 3000 Watts, go to www.S3000watts.com.