Candidates fire back on Iraq War

The Iraq war has always been a controversial topic. Some people may believe the war is justified, while others believe soldiers should be withdrawn from the country immediately.

Namely the Democrats feel the war is absolutely pointless, as opposed to some Republicans, who believe that success in Iraq is within reach.

Among theRepublicans who may share that particular belief is Sen. John McCain, who of course is running for president. reported that in a Senate hearing Tuesday, the difference between Democratic beliefs and Republican values were very evident.

“Our goal ­- my goal – is an Iraq that no longer needs American troops, and I believe we can achieve that goal, perhaps sooner than many imagine,” McCain said. “But I also believe that the promise of withdrawal of our forces regardless of the consequences would constitute a failure of political and moral leadership.”

Democratic Sen. Hillary Clinton, who was also in attendance, received the chance to voice her own opinions on the matter.

“(It is) time to begin an orderly process of withdrawing our troops,” Clinton said in the hearing.

Ultimately the decision will be up to the new president to decide what direction to take.

Whoever is elected must make the accurate choice.

Jay Christie for the Editorial Board.