No survey equals no diploma

The Office of the University Registrar requires graduating students to complete an exit survey in order to participate in the University’s official commencement exercises.

To remind us of the survey and its importance, the Registrar issued letters March 14 to students with graduation applications on file. After receiving this letter, some students were outraged because the letter stated, “You must complete the Exit Survey in order to finalize the graduation process and to receive your Cap and Gown for Graduation.”

Some graduating students do not agree with the survey being mandatory or with the University refusing students the right to receive their cap and gown if they do not complete the survey before April 25. If the Registrar did not make the survey a requirement, then most students would not take the time to do it.

This would ultimately hinder the University from identifying the areas that need enhancement.

I totally agree with the University in its efforts to make improvements to the social and academic aspects of the campus. Student feedback is essential because no one knows the University better than us.

As graduating students, we should be willing to ensure that FAMU is a pleasant experience for those coming after us.

“If 15 to 20 percent of the students have a particular response to an issue then it becomes critical,” said Adai Ibrahim, Office of Institutional Research assistant director.

Most students are quick to complain about FAMU and point out its flaws, but when given the opportunity to step up and voice their opinions they back away. Students cannot blame the administration for campus problems if they choose to sit back and do nothing about them.

For instance, when professor evaluations are done at the end of the semester students are quick to leave early and not complete the evaluations.

The exit survey is a 10-minute, cost-efficient method for soon-to-be alumni to give back to the well being of their alma mater.

If you cannot give up a small amount of your time to help ensure the success of this fine institution then you are not worthy to walk at graduation or receive your degree for that matter.

Participating in commencement activities is a privilege and you should only be given this privilege if you have satisfied your priority of giving back to the University.

As graduating students, we should hold ourselves accountable for the actions taken for the necessary improvements. If we say nothing, then the University will do nothing to make a change.

The University needs to know if you did not enjoy the food at the café or if you had a horrible experience with parking services.

I challenge everyone, myself included, to voice our opinions and be heard.

Whitney Baldwin is a senior political science student from West Palm Beach. She can be reached at