Dance to the music, don’t shoot to the beat

 It is safe to say that once again, when weapons fall into the hands of the wrong people it can only lead to trouble.

Two people were injured in a drive-by shooting after a disturbance broke out Saturday night in the parking lot of Club H2O. Although suspects have yet to be located, officers on the scene said that two men were wounded, one in the chest and one in the leg.Of course this isn’t the first time an incident like this has occurred at a nightclub. Within the past year there have been shootings at Baja’s Beach Club and a deadly shooting in the parking lot of Top Flite, just to name a couple.

So the question remains, “What can be done to limit incidents like this from happening?” 

The sad truth is, we can’t always stop this from happening. What we can do is protect ourselves.

Instead of loitering in the parking lots after the clubs let out, it’s probably safest to go home. It is so important that every single person is aware of his or her surroundings and alert other people about what is going on.

If any suspicious activity is detected, people should not be afraid to let law enforcement know. Going to the club is meant to be a fun experience, but it’s important for us to put safety before enjoyment.

Dexter Johnson for the Editorial Board.