Knight-Time Productions hit hard with new rap album

Upcoming rap artists Siah, Melee and Mixture, of Knight-Time Productions, illustrate their ability to hang with the best of the best in their debut “Knight-Time Productions Presents: A Day In The Life.”

With features by Kaliko, Young Jones, Mouce and Hot Yella, the album contains a collection of songs that instantly make you want to bob your head – despite their lack of ingenuity. Many of the sounds on this album favor the sounds of highly successful artists that are currently in the music industry.

When listening to this album, artists such as Pharell and Mob Deep come to mind because of the similar style of beats and tempos.

Using the familiar beats, the KTP boys make the tracks their own through their lyrics.

“I’m Coming,” “First They Love You,” “Futuristic Boys” and “Black Power Gangsta” all share sounds specially made for the amps.

“Futuristic Boys” sounds like something from the rap duo Clipse. In “Black Power Gangsta” artist Melee creates a lyrical flow that makes it his own, by saying “I’m a ghost that couldn’t cut his worldly ties/ watch your step/ you’re entering this world of mine.”

Track two, titled “I’m Coming,” is definitely a track that anyone could blast while on his or her way to class. With lyrics speaking of the hardships of the world, such as “There’s no peace on this earth except the peace they’re giving you/ Look at the news/ you don’t have to leave your living room,” you cannot help but to blast the speakers.

Artists Mob Deep comes to mind when listening to “First They Love You” because of its steady tempo.

For people who feel they have been “on the grind” or need to be, track three, “On the Grind,” is the track to listen to. With its upbeat tempo and video game tunes, it will have you singing its repetitive chorus of “I be on the grind” while in class.

Remember the saying “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me?”

Well, the KTP boys have turned this saying into a chorus on track five titled “Sticks and Stones.”

This is a track that speaks about people who disrespect you verbally.

This track has a flowing chorus leaving the words “sticks and stones” embedded in the average listener mind.

“On Top” and “Ice Cream Lover” are definite dance tracks.

“Ice Cream Lover” gives off a beat similar to those created by superstar producer Pharell.

The hot sounds of this track make you want to hit repeat.

“Dat Funk” and “Fit the Description” can be considered “vibin’ tracks, instantly putting the listener in chill mode.

“Dat Funk” has a grungy beat that favors the sound of rap artist Young Jeezy. The beat is gritty and sounds like much of the popular music coming from the south.

In the chorus of the song shout outs are made out to the infamous rap artists Mac Dre, 2pac and Biggie Smalls.

Every album contains that one track that you must play while hanging out with your main girl or guy; “Have You Eva” is definitely that track.

Ladies, do not get it twisted, this is not a J. Holiday track, so do not expect anything sweet and sensual.

With lyrics like “Have you eva said I love you like I’m sorry/ never been asleep but you wake up saying good morning,” this track talks about the relationship with no official title.

Track 17 “Life Never Waited on Me” leaves the album with a hint of R&B due to the sweet feature of Hot Yella on the chorus.

The album contains a bonus track titled “California Dreaming” with backgrounds from the original track by The Beach Boys and an upbeat tempo that you cannot help but to enjoy.

Though the KTP boys are not well known at the moment, they are definitely working their way up to the top.