Epicurean! troupe remains premier organization for fashion, style, service

Founded in 1978, Florida A&M University’s own Epicurean! Fashion Experience is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Formerly known as the Clorets, Epicurean! is a derivative of Florida A & M’s former School of Clothing and Retail.

The organization’s main objective is to show class, style, sophistication and beauty to both the campus and Tallahassee community, said present Epicurean! historian Lauren Fields.

“We pride ourselves on not only being leaders in fashion, but as being community service leaders as well,” said Fields, 22, a senior business student from Miami. “To reach our goals we currently host fashion shows every semester and we take part in service projects such as Relay for Life, Make a Difference Tallahassee and other service projects in the community.”                                           

One of the biggest things Epicurean! has done to celebrate its anniversary is a fashion show titled “Reign.”

Members believe the title of the show is a name preceded by 30 years of what will soon become known as the “reign of fashion,” a journey that has afforded each of its members an opportunity to bond, fellowship and grow.

 “We are using reign as a way to celebrate our 30th anniversary. We have been around campus for longer than the modeling troupes here at FAMU and this is basically a way for us to show everyone how far Epicurean! has come and grown as an organization,” said Frances Trulear, 18, a freshman business administration student from Philadelphia.

Epicurean! members said they are diligently working on the development and continuous growth of their organization.

“Epicurean! is working on a positive aspect. We are working on being the responsible organization that we were founded on. This means doing things such as giving back to the community,” said Isabelle Elie, 22, a senior graphic design student from Miami.

While this organization still has a lot more it wants to accomplish, many members of this group said Epicurean! has come a long way.

“Epicurean! is the leading organization on campus for fashion,” Fields said. “After we leave, we will be able to display what we learned and value in our careers.”

Many students around campus commend Epicurean! for its contribution to the University, as well as the fashion and entertainment aspect it brings to the school.

“Epicurean! is a great modeling organization from what I’ve seen,” said Clevon Johnson, 19, a freshman business administration student from Minneapolis.

“Their representatives are one of the elite on our campus, and I congratulate them for their 30 years of representation on campus. I am looking forward to seeing what great things they will accomplish in the future.”