Be Out Day looked more like Be In Day

Rain and mud were the only things seen at Saturday’s “Be Out Day” event. Even if the rainy weather prevented people from attending Be Out Day, most likely the event would have been low in attendance since it lacked publicity.

Be Out Day is a historic event for the University. It merges the surrounding community together with the University, so why wasn’t it better publicized?

A lot of students said they did not know about Be Out Day, so maybe the rainy weather was a positive for FAMU. There would have been a small crowd in attendance, making FAMU look unorganized.

Being that it happens at the end of the semester, there was more than enough time to publicize the event. People come from all over to attend Be Out Day, so for it to lack the marketing needed to even inform people of the date of the event, this means the people in charge did not do a good job.

Normally for such a big event, The FAMUAN staff would be provided with information concerning the day’s activities, but we were not.

No fliers were present and not even a Facebook group was created to inform people about Be Out Day, creating a terrible lapse of communication for interested students.

We should hope the Student Government Association won’t make this mistake next year so more people will Be Out.