‘Rock star’ spring style for men

This spring it’s all about a rebel sense of sophistication. With designer labels such as Rock & Republic, Ed Hardy, Affliction and True Religion, the rock star look is starting to become one of the most popular trends of spring 2008.

Urban Body, a Web site catering to seasonal fashions for men, states that tattoos and skulls graphic designs are not the only graphics that are fashionable.

“We are seeing a slow transition to more diversified art on T-shirts,” Urban Body writes. “Look for the eagle crest to fly onto your radar screen this spring. Just about every designer was showing this graphic in his or her spring, summer and fall collections.

Religious icons continue to be strong through the summer.

A nice, clean denim is always a neutral material that will pull together just about any ensemble.

But this season to complete the rebel look, go for the destroyed jean.

Urban Body gives this style the thumbs up.

Although earlier in the year it seemed as if the clean-cut dark jean was the pant to wear, this summer it’s all about the grunge.

“For several seasons now, denim companies have told us that denim was trending cleaner and darker,” Urban Body said. “Look for denim to return to more worn, torn and well traveled embellishments.

That means the return of “deconstruction.” Whether it be full-on tears or pocket abrasions, denim will reflect a more active lifestyle.”

Also, graphic art on jean pockets is a must have for the season.

To achieve success with the rock star look, try going for a more fitted look than a baggier, relaxed fit.

For men who like a more casual, professional look there are some looks for the season that will get you runway attention.

Model magazine Web site Jurgita.com puts plaids in the forefront of the professional world this spring.

According to Jurgita, a “plaid fabric is going to be the most popular for suits and especially pants. Designers recommend wearing one plaid piece at a time: choose either pants or a shirt or a jacket, but not all at once. And if you do choose to wear two or more pieces of plaid clothing, refrain from using different patterns.”

A nice cardigan will give the ensemble a casual-nostalgic-prep look, and prep is still a popular trend.

Don’t be afraid to wear clothes or fits that you normally would not wear. This season, for men, it’s all about being sophisticated and trendy with a touch of spice and flare.