Actress returns to alma mater to teach theatre

Florida A&M alumna, actress Marci J. Stringer, has returned to the theatre program to teach and share what she has learned throughout her career.

Stringer said she takes pride in giving back to her students by showing them that anything is possible as long as they have a dream.

“I want to give the students what was given to me, which is hope,” Stringer said.

Graduating in 2001 with a degree in theatre, Stringer said she never thought she would be back to teach.

“I never would have pictured myself back at FAM,” she said.

This is Stringer’s first year back and she teaches five classes: Intro to Theatre, Critical Analysis of Drama, Voice and Diction, Elements of Acting and Acting for the Camera.

Luther D. Wells, chairman of Visual Arts in the theatre department, said Stringer is part of a certain group that makes it easy for her and her students to relate.

“She’s in our young, energetic faculty, which provides a strong connection between her and her students,” Wells said.

Prior to returning, Stringer received her master’s in Fine Arts in Performance from the University of Florida.

“There I learned many techniques and vocal variations that assisted me in my performances,” she said.

Finding her passion for acting came at a young age with a little help from her imagination.

“I loved to pretend as a little girl, and it’s like pretend to another level,” Stringer said.

Students in her classes said they enjoy Stringer’s enthusiasm for the art of performing.

“She’s been a breath of fresh air and her passion for theatre motivates me as soon as I come into class,” said Erica Young, 25, a junior theatre education student from Eatonville.

A student in her Acting for the Camera Class” explained how Stringer always has a positive attitude about her performances.

“I never had a director that critiqued me and still made me feel good about it,” said Kendra Woodard, 21, a junior theatre performance student from Atlanta.

Being in the film production of “Life is Not a Fairy Tale, the Fantasia Barrino Story,” was an experience Stringer said she is proud of. This was also her first professional feature film.

“Being able to do what I love to do and chit-chatting with Fantasia was a highlight,” she said.

Stringer will direct her first theatre production, “Dearly Departed,” which will run April 2-6 in the FAMU Charles Winterwood Theatre.

She said it’s a “strange feeling” that she is directing this production because she starred in it during her undergrad.

“It’s weird because I was once in this show, and it’s very weird to see this play that I was in,” Stringer said.

Stringer said she enjoys what she does and believes in the theatre program’s future.

“It’s nothing like doing what you love,” she said. “I believe in this program.”