Presidential elects meet with freshmen

Florida A&M University’s newly elected sophomore class president and vice president, Daniel Jenkins and Angelica Roberts, have coordinated “Freshman Class Wrap-Up.” The event will allow the 2007-2008 freshman class to meet with its class officials in order to discuss topics such as class concerns and individual accomplishments and to formally introduce the new elects.

The event will be held today in the Perry Paige Auditorium from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

“This event is important because it’s going to give freshmen a chance to voice their opinions on the things that they want to happen next year,” said Jenkins, 19, a freshman business administration student from Dallas. “We’ll talk about things like what events and experiences they want to get out of their sophomore year.”

Clevon Johnson, 19, a freshman business administration student from Minneapolis, and Frances Trulear, 18, a freshman business administration student from Philadelphia, will be the hosts for the “Wrap-Up.” The two students said the event will be an interactive meeting between the students as well as the class officials.

In order to make the event interactive, awards will be passed out to those students and organizations in the class that have done commendable work throughout the year.

“I think by them recognizing people doing well in whatever organization or personal thing that they’re doing is great, and it’s going to make others want to do well too,” said James Scott, 19, a freshman biology student from Baltimore. “The way things are looking, I think sophomore year is going to be great.”

The evening will be filled with music, a song selection by freshman student Monique Wilkes and other activities. While there are a variety of activities planned for the “Wrap-Up,” the most important part of the event, according to some freshman students, is the period of time designated for students to address individual class comments and concerns.

“I think the interactive part of the event is what makes the event exciting,” Trulear said. “It’s great how the freshman class can get together on a personal level and discuss issues going on in the freshman class. I think talking about these issues will finally bring the class together for next year.”

Jenkins said he is overly excited about the event and encourages members of the freshman class to come out and participate.

“At the event we hope to release the sophomore class cabinet applications as well as to formally introduce ourselves as president and vice president elect of our sophomore class,” Jenkins said.  “This is the beginning of many great things that me and Angelica want to accomplish, and we’re looking forward to great things happening in the two semesters to come.”