Police officials hold roundtable

Tallahassee leaders made an effort to listen to students and faculty members dealing with campus safety. A roundtable discussion focused on campus safety was held Tuesday at the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication at Florida A&M University in the dean’s suite.

Although the discussion group spoke on safety, the students who organized the event plan on making the get-together a regular event.

FAMU broadcast journalism students Brook England, 22, a junior from Miami, Jimmie Thomas, a junior from Tallahassee and Jermaine Fletcher, 22, a junior from Richmond, Va., organized the event to kick off a TV show for FAMU TV 20.

“We’re trying to get a TV show based on community events,” England said.

Fletcher explained that the reason for the event was to bridge the gap of communication between all campuses, especially the gap of communication between police and students.

Leaders in attendance were Tallahassee Police Spokesman David McCranie; E.E. Eunice, the instructional coordinator of Pat Thomas Law Enforcement; James Lockley Jr., assistant chief of police at the FAMU Police Department and David L. Perry, chief of Florida State University Police Department. Faculty members Melissa Noland, a professor of physical education and Debra Hunt, an employee of Florida State’s disciplinary center were also in attendance.

Officials said one of the reasons the discussion took place was because of the March 21 shooting that occurred at FAMU.

During the discussion, several worst-case scenarios were described and students were asked to respond. But beside figuring out what to do, leaders wanted to assure students that the police are doing all they can to increase safety.

“Anytime you’re in the community and you see a police officer, just say hey and you’ll be surprised to see an officer’s friendly reaction,” McCranie said.

Leaders also spoke to students about becoming involved to help make FSU, TCC and FAMU safer places. They also mentioned bringing back the Students Available For Escorts team.

Perry said the SAFE team was an essential part of increasing campus safety.