Greeks take over campus, one SGA position at a time

Some students may think that there are too many Greeks holding principal positions on campus.

FAMU students apply for many of these positions, but it seems that Greeks are always able to acquire them.

Various campus activities can be shared between Greeks and non-Greeks alike, but students are not aware of these positions because of their lack of involvement.

“Get more involved and learn about the different positions on campus, so there will be an equal distribution of power among Greeks and non-Greeks,” said Latoya Davis, a FAMU pharmacy student.

Positions are open to all FAMU students and everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of them. The student body can be biased , but there are times being Greek does not benefit them.

Two previous Miss FAMUs, Sheree Edwards and Stephanie Evans, were not Greek. This suggests that being Greek does not necessarily mean you are guaranteed to win.

Greek organizations are built on brotherhood and sisterhood. Naturally it seems fitting that they will support and help each other through campaigning.

It makes sense that a Greek might receive support from his or her organization, making it that much easier for them to win.

Many Greeks are involved on campus and are well known, which gives them an advantage over others.

Students are aware that being outgoing and getting involved are a necessity when applying for a position on campus, and without those qualities their chances of winning could be slim to none.

Some students vote for whom they believe are best qualified, and others vote for their friends or whom their friends tell them to vote for. Then you have students who vote for Greeks because they are Greek.

“Some people think because they are applying for the same position as a Greek they won’t win,” said Darryl Adair, sophomore biology pre-med student.

This has discouraged students in the past and many will not even attempt to apply for these positions because they feel a sense of defeat before they even begin. The majority of positions on FAMU’s campus are popularity based.

The only way for change to come is for FAMU students to find their school pride.

Go out and get involved. Join organizations, participate in different activities and become fond of networking; these are good tips for anyone who is determined and passionate about applying for a position on campus.

FAMU students control who is in campus positions.

Anyone can take the initiative and change the way things are.

Antonio Velez is a sophomore broadcast journalism student from Miami. He can be contacted at