Students go off campus for good eats

Florida A&M students are forced to seek other eating alternatives because of the lack of food resources at the University.

Some students that live in the dorms are complaining about the poor food quality in the cafeteria. The meals served are not nutritious and lack variety. Students also feel that the eatery downstairs from the cafeteria is unhealthy. The eatery has Pizza Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a deli.

Anjelica Moor, 18, a freshman agriculture and business student from Chicago, commented on the quality of cafeteria food.

“They should have more nutritious food other than hamburgers and pizza,” Moor said. “The fruit served should be fresher and there should be a better variety of healthy food served on campus.”

“Currently dorm residents who have no transportation turn to Wal-Mart and off-campus restaurants to buy food. Students walk or catch the bus to find other places to dine, venturing off campus at least two or three times a week.

Among the off campus food places, the most popular according to six FAMU students include McDonald’s, Burger King, What-a-burger, Taco Bell and Olive Garden.

Robert Mobley, 19, a freshman elementary education student from St. Petersburg, talked about finding other food options off campus.

“I call for a delivery or call a friend or my cousin to take me to McDonalds,” Mobley said. “I also get my cousin to take me to Win-Dixie or Wal-Mart.”

Ileane Garcia, 18, a freshman criminal justice student from Miami, said she only eats “healthy stuff.”

“I’ve gained 25 pounds since I’ve been up here,” Garcia said. “I let go of my healthy eating habits when I first came to FAMU.”

Garcia buys granola bars, oatmeal and V8 juice to help with her diet.

“I think that meal plans should not be mandatory because every student doesn’t use it and it’s too expensive,” she added.

Money is always a concern for college students, so eating on a budget is essential. Unfortunately, students have to buy most of their food at the cheapest price.

Britanni Oden, 18, a freshman nursing student from San Antonio, said she keeps a strict budget.

“I eat off campus once a month because I don’t have money. I have to save my money for different things,” Oden said. “I like to eat at Golden Corral, Chinese Buffet, McDonald’s, Checkers, and Hungry Howies.”

Oden’s is not pleased with the café’s menu.

“The café depresses me because there is no variety and they serve some of the same food every week,” Oden said.

Mobley said his eating lifestyle while living in a dorm was limited to anything that did not need to be cooked.

“I have Little Debbie Cakes, Ramen Noodles and cereal,” Mobley said. “Since we can’t cook, I have to eat at the café.”

Overall the dorm food experience isn’t very appeasing for most college students.