Q&A: Basketball player talks about campus housing

Living on campus can emote various feeling from students – both good and bad. When it comes to athletes staying in on campus housing, this fact proves to be the same. Athletes have different opinions, and while staying near the University does have pros, it also has cons.

Stephanie Foster, 20, a guard and forward on the women’s basketball team, took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions related to being an athlete living on campus. The Ohio native’s responses are candid and blunt.

How is it living on campus as an athlete?

It’s convenient to be closer to campus, but it would feel more like home to be off campus in an apartment.

Does it benefit you being early to practice?

Not exactly because even if I’m on campus I could just wait until later to go.

What are the problems you have encountered with housing, if any?

Well, we travel a lot and we have inspections on Tuesdays. We usually don’t get back in town until Tuesday so there will be times when we may be unpacking or trying to clean up and the housing inspector may walk in.

What are the penalties for an unkempt room?

We’ll fail inspection and if we don’t pass then we can potentially be fined.

Is there anything you think could be improved about the facility?

Yes. There are things that can be changed including the hot water not working sometimes, the furniture and the carpet among other things.

What are the perks of living on campus?

Save on gas!

Do you miss home cooked meals?

Definitely! All of us take turns cooking, but I definitely miss home cooked meals.

How is it living with roommates?

It’s cool but my roommates are my teammates!