Journalism students team up to produce new broadcast

Students in the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication at Florida A&M University are collaborating with FAMU TV 20 to create one of the first student-organized television programs on campus.

“We will represent the first initiative in a long time to create an original program,” said Jermaine Fletcher, 22, a senior broadcast student from Richmond, Va. “The rough cut is, we are trying to incorporate a program that is all student-run. That is from production and talent.”

The new program on TV 20, the SJGC television network, is designed to give insight on critical issues throughout the world. This includes discussing how they affect students on FAMU’s campus.

“We are trying to focus on issues with student life and politics, but from a more urban perspective,” Fletcher said. “Sometimes with serious issues, students may not understand someone outside of their age, but to come from one of their peers, they will become more interested.”

Students at SJGC applaud the efforts of their fellow classmates. They said this program is a great way to attract students and get them to adhere to serious topics on and off campus.

“I think it is a good idea that the students are trying to enlighten other students about serious issues,” said Brittany Minor, 22, a senior public relations student from Chicago. “Students need to hear other students talk about serious issues.”

Many faculty members at SJGC also recognize the students’ initiative and said this program will push other students to become involved in campus media.

“It will show we are trying to encourage students to participate more in the creative process of producing a program,” said Michael Walker, a broadcast specialist for TV 20. “It is good because it basically helps (students) connect with the community as journalism students.”

Walker said this program would not only have a positive effect on bringing attention to new developments at SJGC, but it will also have the potential to draw more viewers to TV 20.

“If (the program) is well produced, it will help (TV 20) get more people to watch,” Walker said.

Although there are other news-related television programs existing at FAMU, the creators of this new program said the content of the information is what will make them stand out.

“The way we deliver content will be done in a different way than it has been done here at the school,” Fletcher said. “What makes it different is it is just as humorous as it is serious.”

The name of the television program has not been released and the official date for its premiere is still under negotiation. The creators and administrators are aiming to air the program this summer but still encourage students to support all other programs currently on TV 20.