It takes work to get fans in seats

If any person attends the average Florida A&M University baseball game, they will recognize that attendance is usually slim and generally consists of an older crowd. It can be concluded through speculation that there are a few ways to increase attendance at baseball games.

I have noticed that baseball is not the leading sport for college students – football and basketball are. People treat baseball games as if they are high school games.

Because it is not the leading sport, new strategies must be implemented to get people to come to the games.

Where are the concession stands? Even high schools have concession stands. It would attract the people selling the items and the people coming into the game. People want the convenience of having a concession stand. They don’t want to have to leave the game and go to Popeye’s to order some food.

I have heard some students say baseball has been decreasing in attendance not only on campus, but in the major league as well.

Maybe the sports public relations coordinator for FAMU sports could try to promote the games. They could start by passing out flyers and making announcements on 90.5 WANM-FM.

Let people know when these games are. Passing out flyers will have people thinking about the games because people remember flyers.

Another idea is to create a new market for FAMU’s baseball team. They can attract the young audience instead of just an older crowd.

Even though baseball is a conservative sport, there should be a DJ. The DJ attracts the audience at basketball games. There would not be nearly so much attendance at FAMU basketball games if there was not a DJ. The DJ is the “hype man” for the audience. He/she keeps the audience tuned into the game.

The band also provides entertainment for the audience. The ‘100’ has been at basketball and football games engaging the audience in the teams’ performances. I They attend every other event on campus; why can’t they attend the baseball games?

There also needs to be some giveaways to get people interacting with the game. People love the idea of having the opportunity to get a free prize – this is a public relations tool that attracts people.

Another idea is to have some student contest for singing the national anthem at the game. People would want to come see their friends sing.

It would also look entertaining if there was a pre-game show. I understand this is not football or basketball, but baseball has to change its marketing to attract new viewers.