Call on Christine: 10 Roommate Resolutions

10. When there is food in the refrigerator and another name is on it, don’t touch it! Unless you want to fight.

9. If your garbage bag is full, empty it. When you have more than one full garbage bag there’s a problem.

8. Just because you don’t have a bedtime doesn’t mean other people are as lucky. Respect the fact that other people may want to study or sleep. Keep noise to a minimum.

7. When your friends are in your house, make sure they are equally friendly with your roommate(s). Since your friends aren’t paying to stay in your space, they can get evicted quickly.

6. When two people are in such a tight space, arguments are bound to happen. Take a note from Keyshia Cole. Learn to let things go.

5. Do your chores! It’s the sad truth is that we have to do chores. Don’t complain, don’t make excuses, do them!

4. Remember to flush. When you know that you’re about to release a full day’s load into the toilet, all it takes is a courtesy flush. It’s equivalent to covering your mouth when you cough.

3. Get your own toilet paper. Rely on nobody but yourself when handling your business, in and out of the bathroom.

2. When you leave the room, take a cue from Teddy Pendergrass and turn off the lights. You don’t have to light a candle, but we get the point.

1. You may share a space with your roommate, but draw the line at sharing bars of soap. Welcome to college; it’s time to step your game up. Body wash is an invention that won’t steer you wrong – use it!