Honors week rewards students’ hard work

“Honoring the Rebirth of Pride and Spirit,” a weeklong event, will honor 250 Florida A&M University students for high academic achievement from the fall 2007 semester.

With a four-day agenda, the invitees will be awarded for their hard work and academic success. All students with a 3.5 grade point average or higher will be recognized at this year’s awards program.

Emma Dawson, director of the FAMU Honors Program, said the Program Advisory Committee made necessary preparations to invite guest speakers and the students who will be honored during the week of March 24-28.

Seminar speaker Chanta Haywood, FAMU director of continuing education, will host a course titled “Helpful Tools To Get into Graduate School” for juniors and seniors planning to attend graduate school.

Haywood said her seminar is going to aid and prep students by pointing out helpful, important key prerequisites for entry into graduate school. Students can submit an essay of 50-100 words on selected topics provided by the Honors Program office, Haywood said.

Our goal is to “make sure all students are successful whether they are students at our University or from school across the nation,” Dawson said. “We do this by giving students that extra helping hand and showing them that their achievements and success had not been over looked.”

Guest speakers for Wednesday’s convocation include FAMU graduate Bernard Kinsey and wife Shirley Kinsey.

Both will speak to FAMU students March 28. Shirley Kinsey is set to speak at the Honors Banquet in the Grand Ballroom.

“I’m glad that FAMU recognizes great achievements within our school,” said Dennis Davis, 21, a senior pharmacy student from Columbia, SC. “It gives us more to see about our University rather then the negative stuff we constantly hear about.”

Kevin Quick echoed Davis’ comment.

“As a sophomore, I only can look to upperclassmen and see what I should continue to strive for,” said Quick, 19, a physical therapy student from Jackson, Miss. “Knowing that the work I put into my education after high school is well worth it, next honors week you’ll be sure to see my name.”

For further information pertaining to Honors Week please contact Francis McMillan, program assistant, and Michael Smith, the academic adviser, at (850) 599-3540.