Company steps out of dot com

StreetVents Entertainment Marketing Promotions Company was created as a Web site in 2005. Now it has developed and expanded to specialize in photography, web design and graphic design.

Tiedro Dasinor, 22, a senior Florida A&M University psychology student from Miami, joined the company as co-owner and worked his way up to chief executive officer. StreetVents was based in Tallahassee when Douglas Scott, a Florida State University student who graduated in 2007, created it in 2005.

It was primarily a Web site that advertised parties. After Scott graduated, he passed the company to Dasinor.

“He saw that I took initiative and that I could continue the company,” Dasinor said.

Since then, with Dasinor’s direction, StreetVents has evolved into a huge marketing promotions tool for promoters and club owners throughout Florida. The company is able to deliver effective results to its clients by offering a number of services including marketing and promotions, graphic art and web design, street teams, budgeting and photography.

StreetVents works out of six different cities – Tallahassee, Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The company also does business with three major universities – University of Florida, Florida International University and University of Central Florida.

During spring break, StreetVents worked on four parties in Miami. These parties had a large turnout. Among the four parties was the “BET College Hill Kick Off,” held March 9.

“Just over spring break we threw a party in South Beach, with only one week to work, and had 800 people turn out,” Dasinor said.

StreetVents is also recognized for its ability to introduce various people to Caribbean music.

“StreetVents is popular among the Caribbean and hip-hop market,” said Shashee Moore, 21, a senior FAMU public relations student from West Palm Beach, also the public relations director for StreetVents.

In addition, StreetVents works with Showtime Promotions and Florida A&M’s Caribbean Student Association frequently. Showtime was instrumental in helping StreetVents launch its Web site.

Seymour Thompson, 42, owner and proprietor of Showtime Promotions, said StreetVents’ increased popularity has helped tremendously with his Showtime Promotions Company.

“I was their guinea pig and it worked out fine,” Thompson said.

The StreetVents Web site receives more than 5,000 hits per day from people all around the state. For students looking for a party in any of the six cities, the Web site has party listings, dates and times.

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