Public governance upholds democracy

All U.S. citizens have the right to know what their government is doing. In Florida, this right is protected by the Sunshine Laws that require our leaders to have open meetings and provide records to the public.

The Sunshine Week alliance has begun a yearlong project this month. From March 16-22, the Sunshine Campaign will be holding numerous events and activities about election campaigns for presidential nominees and the local city council.

The Sunshine Campaign is a project that has candidates at all levels of government who are seeking office discussing their position on access, secrecy and accountability, according to, the Association of Electronic Journalists’ Web site.

Individuals are encouraged to join the campaign to discuss the presidential race to city council contests. Student journalists can find ways to participate in this weeklong event by visiting the sunshine week Web site.

It’s important to know and understand the policies that our government puts into effect. We have to become a part of the restoration of an open government.

The community can get involved in many ways. They can donate money to the campaign, write blogs, wear the sunshine week paraphernalia, or enter the contests.

Everyone needs to become involved with government because it helps us to maintain our freedom. It’s our right to know any secrets that may threaten our democracy, and we should utilize that right.

Priscilla Blow for the Editorial Board.