University awaiting SACS visit

FAMU officials are expecting a successful report from the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools after its scheduled visit March 25-27.

The Task Force, which was created by the Board of Governors, was designed to verify that FAMU’s action plan is working. The plan is to help increase compliance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools standards.

Rosalynd Fuse-Hall, chief of staff to the FAMU president, said the Task Force has enlisted a consulting firm to help assist the University.

“The Task Force hired a consulting firm called Accretive Solutions,” Fuse-Hall said. “Accretive has confirmed that the universities’ internal controls as well as the policies and procedures are in place and working effectively.”

Last October, a team from SACS performed its annual evaluation concerning the standards set for the University. After interviewing some faculty, staff, deans, and administrators and after collecting hard data they determined that FAMU was not in compliance with nine of ten standards.

Among the nine-reported core, comprehensive and federal requirements FAMU lacked compliance with financial aid audits, control of finances, and financial stability.

Fuse-Hall spoke about what happened during the SACS visit in October.

“Eleven auditors came to FAMU,” she said. “The auditors issued an auditing report about their visit after the deadline from the Commission on Colleges. SACS didn’t accept the audit report.” Fuse-Hall said when SACS revisits on March 25 it will have the opportunity to see the progress FAMU has made.

After the SACS visits FAMU in mid-March it will then submit a report to FAMU regarding the 10 requirements. Afterwards SACS will have its annual meeting in June, which will then determine one of three things. The commission will review whether or not FAMU validated the nine remaining requirements, then it will either vote to continue accreditation, extend the probation for another six months, or will vote for removal of membership. The latter means FAMU will lose its SACS accreditation, according to a SACS graduate assistant.

With the speculation surrounding the future accreditation of the school, FAMU officials are hopeful that SACS will take the University off probation.

“We feel confident that we have addressed all the concerns from SACS,” Fuse-Hall said.