Certain media professionals undermining electoral process

I had previously concluded that there was nothing Rush Limbaugh, a controversial syndicated AM radio personality, could say that would be worth believing.

However, I lay in a hospital room earlier this month listening to “The Rush Limbaugh Show.” Limbaugh was talking to a caller about the 2008 presidential election.

Limbaugh concluded that conservatives would rather run against a black Democrat than a woman.

The reasoning behind Limbaugh’s conclusion was even more shocking than his statement.

He said when the white male voter goes behind the curtains of the voting booth the “Bubba Rule” would set in.

“I ‘Bubba’ will never vote for a black man for president no matter who this man may be,” a conservative male white voter may think.

Limbaugh and his callers further concluded that voting for a woman would probably have the same outcome, but it wouldn’t have the same strong resistance created by voting for a “Jigger-boo”.

Limbaugh and his callers said “Bubba” would never allow Obama to serve as president even if it meant murder.

This view is unfortunate and tragic.

“Bubba” would “Git ‘er done” in the manner of John F. Kennedy, King, Lincoln, and Robert Kennedy.

However, if it were Clinton who was elected as President, “Bubba’s” action on a woman would be considered so cruel and heinous that the world would demand that the United States eradicate this poison once and for all.

“Bubba’s” name would be likened to mud.

Bill O’Reilly, FOX TV’s host, had the same of the “Bubba” factor in this election.

In an attempt to ensure that white conservative males maintain control, possible methods that could be used to nominate the right Democratic candidate to run against a conservative republican were discussed by O’Reilly.

Republicans crossing over and voting for Obama would be a method used to confuse democratic candidates during primaries.

If the presidential election were between Obama and McCain, these conservatives think that it will certainly be a success for McCain.

President Bush even announced he would act like a Pope for the election of the next incoming president by providing a “blessing” for the McCain candidacy.

 But let us be honest here, these primaries have become somewhat of a moneymaking circus.

People are getting paid to talk about these controversial democratic primaries.

Media commentators, new political experts, and talk show hosts, are among a long list of people who have made a vocation built on these democratic debates.

All of this only belittles and obscures the object of the most important process in history, the possible election of a black man or woman as America’s most powerful leader!

James Scruggs Ph.D., is a FAMU alumnus from Tallahassee. He can be reached at JScru5750@aol.com

student from Orlando. He can be reached at calvin1.hayes@famu.edu.