Cash bonus adds to recruitment efforts

Offering students certain monetary incentives to attend a college that’s been on a downward spiral in terms of enrollment can have both positive and negative effects.

The Associated Press reported that Florida A&M University is battling lagging student enrollment by offering hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to prospective students.

Recently FAMU official were on a 4-day recruitment tour stretching from parts of Georgia to Miami. Ammons said a total of about $950,000 in scholarships were given out within the first two days.

The article said Ammons wants to give students an opportunity to attend college and believes the only thing some students lack is the funds.

Although this seems like a great tactic to boost enrollment, critics may negate the bright side of Ammons’ efforts. If enrollment rises, people may say it’s only because of the scholarships being offered.

Choosing to attend FAMU will no longer be based on curriculums offered, the teaching environment or the number of colleges and schools that the campus has. Instead it will be about the amount of money students can get in their pockets.

When it all boils down, the move by Ammons seems to be a wise one.

In America money talks and nothing is wrong with giving people an incentive for doing something, as long as it is for a beneficial cause.

Dexter Johnson for the Editorial Board.