Too late for Florida to say don’t count us out

With reporting about Barack Obama having a total of 1,520 delegates to Hillary Clinton’s 1,424, and the end of the primaries coming within the next few months, some states may be feeling as if they haven’t been able to participate in this back and forth Democratic election between Obama and Clinton.

Well, everyone knows exactly which states those are – Michigan and Florida. An article posted on ABC news reported that these states are currently trying to get their delegates to count after knowingly breaking regulations and disagreeing with campaigning rules in the states.

Obama didn’t even appear on the Michigan ballot, so why should Michigan want its votes counted?

Florida wanting its votes to count is completely ridiculous. It seems that Gov. Charlie Christ decided for Florida delegates to be counted because he sees Clinton is losing the primaries.

If he really cared about Florida delegates being counted, then how come he didn’t protest when they were first stripped? Florida knew exactly what it was doing when it broke regulations.

It wouldn’t be fair to count the ballots after each Democratic candidate wasn’t able to campaign in Florida. Each candidate for the

Democratic party did not even get the chance in person to let people know what he or she can do for the state of Florida, they only did so through TV.

Latasha Edwards for the Editorial Board.