Clinton, Obama could team up

There have been rumors of the likelihood that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama may become a joint ticket, and that would be a great idea indeed. Clinton’s feminine touch and appeal to Latino voters mixed with Obama’s appeal to the working class Americans make the two a match from heaven.

Some believe that a joint ticket with the two candidates wouldn’t be good for America. With a black male and a woman running on the same ticket to become presidential and vice-presidential elects, America may not be ready for this drastic change.

But while this may be true, the two running together may also be positive because it could result in a win-win situation for those who voted for either candidate in the primaries.

If a joint ticket were feasible, it may cause one to wonder who will be at the top of the ticket. Obama seems to have the vision, judgment and ability to unite the country as a presidential elect. And Clinton qualifies for vice president because among other things, she can deliver the Hispanic vote.

Some believe Clinton would be a better fit as president because of her prior experience in the White House, but to many, Obama has the vote of more working class people in the U.S., which is more fitting for a presidential candidate.

Regardless of who is on top of the ticket, history may take place. Clinton may still have the chance to be the first woman vice president under the first black president, or vice versa.

Angelica Roberts for the Editorial Board.