Movie patrons get “exclusive” taste of Day 26

After students watched the premiere of “Dreaming in Color” in Lee Hall Tuesday, the Hard Alpha Eta chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. presented MTV’s “Day 26.”

Members of Phi Beta Sigma Justin Robinson, 22, and Jeremy Becks, 20, came on stage to welcome the band that performed their hit single, “Exclusive.”

Created in 2007, the fourth series of the MTV series, “Making the Band” members Brian Andrews, Mike McCluney, Robert Curry, Willie Taylor and Qwanell “Q” Mosley ran on stage and dazzled the audience with their energetic dance moves and vibrant, jaw-dropping vocals.

Soraya Sicard, 18, a freshman criminal justice student from Queens, N.Y., said, “the performance was really good.”

Even though Sicard was pleased with the band’s performance, Sicard said she wished the band could have entertained the crowd with additional songs.

Capturing the crowd’s attention, Day 26’s melodic tunes kept the audience wanting more.

Robinson was only given a week to plan Day 26’s arrival to Florida A&M University.

“The band was on a promotional college tour,” said Robinson, a senior broadcast journalism student from Miami.

McClunery, a member of Day 26 from South Carolina, said the band wanted to give back to the community and conduct a promotional tour for the students before the album’s release. The album is also titled “Day 26.”

With Day 26’s album being released March 26, the band has traveled to several universities such as University of South Florida and University of Florida before performing at FAMU.

“Members of my organization worked extremely hard to make it possible for ‘Making the Band’ to perform for the student body,” said Augustus Jones III, 21,a senior political science student from Palm Bay.

Jones said the overall event was a success.

“I felt the event was great because students didn’t have to pay any money,” Jones said. “Not only did the students were able to see the premiere, but they were able to see the band perform live on stage.”

Director and writer of “Dreaming in Color” James Bland gave permission for Phi Beta Sigma to collaborate with them for the night.

“The band contributed to the overall (event) and I’m glad everything worked out,” said Bland, 22, a senior business administration student from Titusville.

The band left Lee Hall with students amazed and anticipating the album’s release.