Oh boy-Florida A&M men not taking on behavior of manhood

There is always a line of division that separates a man from a boy.

A real Florida A&M University man is someone whose spirit is “right with God” or whatever higher being he believes in, if he has a belief system. He’s involved in campus organizations that aren’t only beneficial to the college community, but also to the black community as a whole.

He’s a positive example to the next generation of young black males. He works hard at making sure he is getting his education.

He’s honest with himself and those around him and he’s someone whom you can honestly say you respect and admire. You don’t get a vibe of pure destruction when you’re in his presence because he makes you feel at ease.

Every word that comes out of his mouth is not a curse word and he actually sounds as if he has a brain. A FAMU man is someone you can talk to about a variety of topics, whether it is academic or political.

When he walks, his shoulders are straight, reminding everyone of his heritage and of the royal lineage from which he descends.

Upon entering or leaving a public place, he will hold the door, allowing the woman to precede him. Any male who calls himself a man and attends FAMU should be able to identify with at least one of these traits.

I am hopeful the real women of FAMU agree.

I’m saddened to say that I see more “real women” around FAMU’s campus than men. Too many young men walking this campus truly are or at least carry many boyish traits.

So many of them are rude in how they speak about, approach and treat young women. Nearly every word that comes out of their mouth is profane.

Many of them don’t seem to feel the need to get involved in anything whatsoever or see the point of evolving into something better then what they are at the moment.

The educational process for many of them seems like a lost cause. This leads many of the young women on campus to think, “What are you doing here?”

These boys are proud of this and just don’t seem to be in a rush to grow up and start exercising the intelligence that lies deep within them. They don’t carry themselves well, many dressing as if they plan to stay in the “hood” forever with their clothes hanging off them as if it’s cute.

These boys look and sound confused half of the time, limiting topics for conversation. When they walk, their confidence is not of someone who knows his self-worth, but of someone who is just out there.

By allowing yourself to stay in this stage of immaturity you are limiting whom you should and could be.

College is a time for growth and learning, but any real woman wants a man, not a boy.

Camille Daniels is a sophomore general studies student from Jamaica, NY. She can be reached at famuanopinions@hotmail.com.